Kiwanis help and ideas for Music Boosters

Hello all,

You will see that the first post I copy and pasted the informational letter for the Kiwanis performance.  I thought I would start this post with getting some feedback from you about how you as parents could be involved in fund-raising either at Kawanis or at future events.

At my past school, we had an official music boosters club, akin to a sports boosters club where parents would take an active role in doing fundraisers, usually just at concerts that we had throughout the year, as well as one candy sale we did before Christmas.

From what I gather from some of you and students, is that students are usually the ones who actively raise funds for their trip in the Spring to Massachusets. You can find more information about this here I think they need to take responsibility for this as well, I think it is great to keep them at the forefront of this.

So I suppose I would like some feedback from you about

  • What things have been done in past in the music program in general, and specifically surrounding fundraisers that you would like to see continue.  I know Mr. Thomas will also be involved with this, and he has mentioned a few things to me already about what has been done, and what he is planning, and I hope we can work as a team in the music department with students, parents, and teachers. I would like to hear your ideas on this.
  • How would you like to be involved at Kiwanis?  It may be too soon to do anything organized, but I was hoping that we would have some semblance of a desk set up for donations that a parent could man, and we may need some volunteers for this.
  • In what way would you like to see a music boosters club develop at Bonny Eagle High School?

Thanks again for any input you can give on this, and I look forward to being be contact with you throughout the year, and years to come.

Upcoming Performance schedule:

  • Friday, October 9, 2009; (optional) Pep Band Home Football Game vs. Windham.  7pm start. (students can earn extra credit towards their band grade if they participate. Students should arrive by 6:30 to set up in the bleachers).
  • Wednesday October 14, 2009 (required) at Kiwanis Beach
  • Friday October 16 (optional); Pep Band Home Football Homecoming Game. 7pm start.

One Response to “Kiwanis help and ideas for Music Boosters”

  1. Rena kinney Says:

    Since there are many patrons at the Homecoming Game it would be a great place to sell BEHS band logo items. I know it may be too late to sell this year. Stand cushions, blankets,?

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