Fall Fundraising Efforts and a look at the year ahead

Hello all,

Another school year ahead of us, and there are already lots of ideas flying around with students, and parents for what they would like to see happen this year.  Here are some ideas that have been floating around:
Great East Festival:
In the past students have had the opportunity to compete in a Music Competition at the Great East Festival in Massachusetts, where students play as a band for a pannel of judges, and then work directly with the judges and are scored.  At the completion of the Festival students and chaperones have the opportunity to celebrate their efforts by going to Six Flaggs Theme Park. Students wanted to do this last year, but we did not raise the funds to do it, however we retained all the funds raised last year.
Students will be $44 each, and adults are $32 each this year.
As another thought, if we are not able to raise the $ again this year, there is an alternative Festival that takes place at Fun Town, nearby, which may not be as fun for the students, but would be a good alternative.
Pep Band Shirts:
As you have probably seen, there were some changes this year to our Pep Band schedule to involve more students, and we have seen a great result from both parents and students at the games.  As this is still something we are trying to build, the Pep Band needs to have at least matching shirts that can be worn when we play games, and especially if we are to play at playoffs and finals, so that people know who we are, and where we come from.
This is an essential item, and one that I hope we can raise the funds to order soon before the end of the season.
After speaking with Mr. Thomas about this need, we think we have a great opportunity to do fund raising during the game, but we need some ideas and parent volunteers to help with this.  Your ideas are welcome.
Field Trips to Performances & For Performances:
I would really like to find some performances that the full band, and chorus can attend to see and hear professionals making music.  The PSO often has wonder performances, and have indicated that we may attend for free, any rehearsal, so this may be a great opportunity to see behind the scenes.
I would also like the opportunity to take small groups, and possibly the full band and chorus into the community more for benefit events, which will also have added transportation costs.
I would welcome any comments and suggestions about this from parents and students. We need some ideas for fund raising, and this is a perfect forum for conversation.  It is a Blog, so all you need to do to comment and add your thoughts and suggestions is to hit the + next to the Comments below, and then type and add your comment.  This is also a place where you can let me know if you are interested in volunteering for things and events as needed.
Seniors & Awards:
I think it is essential that we continue to recognize the efforts of our seniors, and all students for finding a way to keep Band and Chorus in their Schedule throughout their High School career.  We usually do Senior Roses, but I would like to see more recognition and awards if possible.  I have some ideas from my previous school, but would love to have more conversations about this with you.
Thanks again, and I look forward to a great year of providing opportunities for our students.

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