Pep Games for the rest of the year & Shirts

We did not have enough students to play at tonight’s soccer game (Oct. 14), so we will forego the game tonight, and we will try to get as many people as possible to make it to next week’s football game on Oct. 22, the last regular season game before playoffs vs. Gorham.

So the Schedule for the rest of the Football season is as follows:

  • Friday Oct. 22, Football vs. Gorham (Pep Band)
  • Friday Oct. 29 or Sat. Oct. 30 Quarter-Finals (Full Band)
  • Saturday Nov. 6 Semi-Finals (Full Band) (If necessary)
  • Saturday Nov. 13, Finals (Full Band) (If necessary)
  • Saturday Nov. 20, Finals (Full Band) (If necessary)

As of this point, the Football team is undefeated, so we will be doing the first playoff game. If the game is away, we will take a bus to the event. We will not know if it is Friday or Saturday until after the Oct. 22 game, and i will let you know as soon as I know. If any student has a family conflict on the day of the game, please have a parent contact me by email or phone to let me know, and it will not be deducted from the student’s grade. However, it is important to both the band members and the community members that we are there to support our fellow students, and play as a unit. Playing at games like this helps build unity in the band, and as a community, and if you can do your very best to make sure you or your son/daughter can make it to these important games, it would be most appreciated.

Also in conjunction with these games, it will be important for students to show unification through what they will wear. As you may have heard at Kiwanis, it has always been on the top of my priority list to buy at least Pep Band Shirts for the students to wear at games. We have a few options that we could take with, and I would really like your input on this, but we will need to move fast for ordering.

  1. Students/Parents could purchase their own shirt, which would run between anywhere between $8.95-$28.95 if we are looking at long sleeve or sweatshirts. (In which case, the shirts would be yours, but each year wie will need to put in a new order for incoming students) Remember, students could use these for more then just Pep Band, as they will be nice shirts for all occasions.
  2. We could use the money the music Boosters has raised over the past 2 years. Knowing that this will cut into the money that we would use for a trip in the Spring Semester.
  • We could borrow the money from the Music Boosters $, and attempt to do some fund raising to pay this back by the end of the Semester.

If we take either option 2 or 3, we would most likely keep the shirts at the school for future years, so the Pep Band could use them. I am looking into 2 options for where to order, and a design:

  • First, the Fieldhouse store, used by many teams and organizations at the school.
  • Secondly, ImageMarket whom, I have used in the past, and students have been very happy with the results.

I would love your input on both the design, and the option for buying them. So please join the conversation, and add your input at the this Blog.

I would like to order these shirts by early next week at the latest, so that they will be in by our first game.


7 Responses to “Pep Games for the rest of the year & Shirts”

  1. jasturtevant Says:

    I had a great idea from a parent:
    I have a thought on the pep band. Have you considered procuring pep band
    hats/caps rather than shirts? I think there are a few good reasons to
    consider them. First, the weather will often require the need for outerwear
    which will cover the shirts, and even if sweatshirts are bought, they
    aren’t weatherproof. Second, the hats/caps will be a readily visible
    “uniform” for informal activities. Lastly, the cost coupled with the ease
    of redistribution and storage make hats a worthy consideration.
    I’m willing to make a $100 donation from my company toward a hat/cap order.
    They can be distributed for a season, or at each event, then kept for the
    next season.

  2. Ian Says:

    I have looked at the designs for the t-shirts and I personally like M595 and M805 and M1336 and M771 by Image Market. That or the sweatshirt from the Fieldhouse store. My go would be option 3.

  3. Debbie Bondeson Says:

    Hats are a great idea. I am a little concerned about the cold weather as well. But I think we should buy the hats and keep them–hat sharing is not something I want my daughter to do…

  4. Spencer "The Drummer" Hugo-Vidal Says:

    I think we should order “Pull-Over Hoodies” or whatever they are called from ImageMarket.
    With Hoodies, it’ll keep us warm (remember, this is a Fall and Winter sport/series of events, usually in the evening, so T-Shirts aren’t going to help that much), and Image Market seems to have the least expensive apparel. I don’t really care what the design is, as long as it isn’t too nerdy).

  5. Heather Bondeson Says:

    I agree with Spencer. I think we should have pull over hoodies (or whatever they’re called) because, like Spencer said, they’ll keep us warm, and that’s something a T-shirt isn’t going to do. I really think these designs would be fun to use.

    m805 (which was already mentioned) – winning the war against silence
    m2593 – we’ve got mad music skills
    m2083 – we ace every note
    mm752 – I’m with the band (my favorite)

  6. Abbie Boyd Says:

    I like the idea of hats, but I would also like having a shirt or sweatshirt to wear. Sweatshirts would probably be better than shirts, but I do think hats would be a good option because of the weather…
    If we were to get a shirt or sweatshirt, especially, I would rather pay for it myself so I could keep it, because I know I’d probably wear it a lot…

  7. G. Almeida Says:

    I like the idea of a sweatshirt because it would keep me warm and I’d wear it more often. I would be willing to buy my own. The designs I liked were m2083 (my favorite because it is clever), M2565 because it goes with the Scottish theme with the argyle and M2558 because it is simple.

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